The Festival of (the) good greenpratice

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OfficineGreen is a project created to give a first strong signal nell’Alto Vicentino. An area rich in resources, but equally virtuous in our commitment to eco-sustainability, so far without a Festival, that could become a moment for confrontation and in-depth study for the population.

Thanks to moments of information, participation, promotion, comparison, reflection, fun and networking, we have given life to a three-day full immersion with a precise and concrete goal, a real REDUCTION WASTE in daily habits.

The beautiful location and the Palladian Villa were animated by many of the activities organised:


SPEAK GREEN. Conference area.

Villa Caldogno has hosted important personalities who for a long time have distinguished themselves for their commitment to living  and disclose sustainable livestyles: Lisa Casali, Ermete Realacci, Paola Maugeri, Samuele Giacometti.


GREEN LAB. Workshop area.

Space tob e crative and to DIY in free workshops that will have the goal of teaching  how to produce new projects useful to decrease the waste in our daily lives.



GREEN MARKET. Creative design area.

The area will host numerous creative showcasing design objects made with recycled material.


GREEN SWAPAREA. Area Scambio e Baratto.

Books, clothes, furniture, music, but also household appliances and items of any type. The Festival has also had a dedicated area fort he exchange and barter managed by the  associations oft he territory that has long been doing their utmost to spread this practice.


GREEN ART. Contest and Exhibition of Art.

Villa Caldogno has hosted the works of atrists selected grazie al Bando di Concorso and who have been asked to reflect on the theme oft he waste of resources. Twenty artists and one Winner, Marco Secondin, who with his video ‘Mommy’, has won the jury and took home the prize money of 500€.



GREEN MUSIC. Music contest.

(You/We?) Couldn’t miss the musical sustainable within the Festival. We held a contest and the artists selected have been given the opportunity to perform during the event and be evaluated by a jury. Dario Valley was awarded the highest step of the podium. It’s during the manufacturing process, the video clips messo in palio thanks to collaboration with Zetamusic Production.




We invited the families to become example of zero waste. Thanks to the collaboration with the Confcommercio, in palio, for the most virtuous, numerous of good free shopping.


OASI NATURALISTICA DI VILLAVERLA - Apertura Straordinaria is free.

In collaboration with the group AcegasAps of Padua we gave visitors the opportunity to visit free and with the support of a guide, the Naturalistic Oasis of Villaverla.



Data :

Giugno ‘13


Location :

Complesso di Villa Caldogno

Caldogno (VI)


Officinegreen è stato organizzato da:

Associazione Yourban

Comune di Caldogno


In collaborazione con:

ConfCommercio Vicenza

Biblioteca di Caldogno

Istituto Comprensivo Caldogno


Patrocinato da:

Provincia di Vicenza



Da verificare in base al calendario corsi ed eventi


Via 51^ Stormo, 3

36016 THIENE (VI)

+39 338 235 7928


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